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“Gregory was very empathetic, understood what I needed, great at communicating with me and went through step by step through the entire process. providing all the information about the case; he was very efficient, we had absolutely no delays with our requests!”


Greg was able to understand my unique situation and was great at encouraging me to continue when I considered giving up. He is an excellent and sympathetic professional


“Gregory is a great attorney. His passion and determination to fight for his clients is admirable. He goes above and beyond to get positive outcomes for his clients.”

Massiel Vazquez, Esq.

“Greg Greenberg has been my colleague for some years and his creativity in analyzing legal issues and applying technical knowledge in an array of legal matters sets him apart from other attorneys. He is easy to reach, whether by phone or email, and always willing to fight for your needs. “

Sulling Ceballos, Esq.

“I had a character and fitness investigative hearing with the Florida Bar that promoted to hire Mr. Greenberg. From the start Mr. Greenberg has very effective with his preparation of me for the investigative hearing. Especially when it came to the countless times that he cross examined me with questions that the members of the bar ended up asking me during the investigative hearing.

As a result, I have just recently been cleared for character and fitness by the Florida Bar thanks largely in part to Mr. Greenberg. I would recommend to anyone that has a similar issue to the one I had to contact Mr. Greenberg in order to have the most effective legal representation that money can ask for when it comes to investigative hearings.”

Anonymous Bar Applicant