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When you have suffered a slip and fall injury, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney to prove that a dangerous condition existed, that the person responsible for the premises knew or should have known of the dangerous condition and that the victim was injured as a result of the owner’s failure to correct the dangerous condition at hand.

Many people consider slip and fall injuries as ordinary incidents, such as accidentally falling at your local grocery store due to clumsiness or not paying attention to your surroundings. While grocery store accidents are very common due to heavy foot traffic and potential product spills, slip and fall accidents can also occur at workplaces, restaurants, and private residences.

Most are in doubt or unaware that they can seek financial responsibility from the owner of the premises where they experienced accidents or injuries. A slip and fall accident or injury falls at the legal area of premise liability and most times, it no fault of your own but rather the negligence of the owner in maintaining and caring for their property.

These accidents may happen as a result of ill-maintained carpets and rugs, damaged floorboards, slippery flooring, poorly lit and broken stairways as well as unevenly paved sidewalks and roads. Likewise, slip and fall accidents can also be caused by the absence of a warning from the owner as snow and ice accumulated on their sidewalks, parking lots, and roadways.

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