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Every year, about 11,000 spine cord injuries (SCI) are diagnosed in the United States. The devastating effects of this personal injury can be long-time, or permanent. Some of those who injured their spinal cord suffered permanent loss of sensation and strength below the point of injury. This is for the reason that the spinal cord is the main conduit to send signals to and from the brain, which means if one part of it is damaged, signals may no longer be carried to other parts of the body.

The impact of this catastrophic event can be devastating for the survivor and their family. It may result in extreme financial loss and adjustment in every aspect of the survivor’s life and future. In some cases, the spinal cord injury is especially distressing if it was caused by someone else’s negligence.

If you’re one of the 11,000 people who suffered a spinal cord injury and it is not a fault of your own, you may be entitled to monetary compensation to subsidize your medical bills and the cost of living with a disability. Insurance companies usually refuse to pay the full compensation you will need to care for your future needs. It is best to find an attorney to help you get through this and recover the financial damages from the people who contributed to your injury.

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